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TAP Reflector

[TAP Reflector GUI as shown in Ardour]

This plugin creates a psychedelic reverse audio effect. Overlapping time intervals of incoming samples are treated as blocks called 'fragments'. Each fragment is reversed in time, and faded in and out while played back to the output, hence creating a nearly constant signal level with the mixture resembling a normal reverse-played track -- with the difference that the audio actually progresses forward, only pieces of it are reversed.

General information

Unique ID2154
I/O ports1 input / 1 output
CPU usage (44.1 kHz)4.5%
CPU usage (96 kHz)9.7%
Hard RT CapableYes
In-place operationSupported
run_adding() functionProvided

Usage tips

The Fragment Length setting has a great impact on the sound of the effect. It is best to set it to approximately match the tempo of the track, so the Fragment Length is equal to the time of one measure. Other settings may also be interesting (particularly larger ones). This is a very experimental effect, so experimentation is also required when using it.

When mixed together with the dry signal, the effect is somewhat similar to reverse reverberation. If you aim for such a sound, set the Wet Level a few dB-s below the Dry Level. On the other hand, raise the Wet Level if you want a really psychedelic effect. It is especially worth trying this plugin on sustained guitar and vocal tracks. Percussive sounds also create a very characteristic atmosphere when played backwards.

Summary of user controls

namemin. valuedefault valuemax. value
Fragment Length [ms] 20 415 1600
Dry Level [dB] -90 -90 20
Wet Level [dB] -90 0 20


If for some reason you need longer Fragment Length times, it is safe to raise the value set by the #define MAX_FRAGMENT_LEN at the top of tap_reflector.c.