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Getting the latest source and contributing

If you suspect a bug, or just want to use the "bleeding edge", please use the source control repository at GitHub.

You can clone the repository with the following command:

git clone https://github.com/tomszilagyi/tap-plugins.git

Feel free to fork the repo and send me pull requests via GitHub or just plain oldschool patch files (generated with diff -up) via email.

However, because git normally contains nothing other than the latest tarball release (this is a small -- and after 10 years, mostly dormant -- project, after all), this is not required. You are welcome to send bugreports against the latest tarball version.


Please go to the SourceForge project page to download tarball releases listed in the following table. The source repository of the LADSPA plugins is on GitHub; please use that if you'd like to contribute.

0.7.3 2014-05-26 Bugfix release: a rewritten Makefile to solve problems with the linking step.
0.7.2 2012-07-08 Bugfix release: fix Scaling Limiter buffer boundary / sharp peaks / level jump problem.
0.7.1 2009-08-17 Bugfix release: 64-bit compatibility, GCC compiler warning elimination, denormal fixes, plus fixed some uninitialised variables.
0.7.0 2004-08-17 Added new plugins TAP Chorus/Flanger, TAP Sigmoid Booster and TAP TubeWarmth.
Fixed denormal FP problem leading to runaway CPU usage in TAP Stereo Echo.
0.6.0 2004-06-22 Added new plugins TAP Fractal Doubler, TAP Pink/Fractal Noise and TAP Reflector.
Enhanced the internal workings of TAP Reverberator to result in much better reverb sound.
Fixed CPU runaway problems in TAP Reverberator and TAP Dynamics (Mono & Stereo).
Added new Reverb Types: Ambience, Ambience (Thick), Ambience (Thick) - HD, Cathedral, Cathedral - HD.
Complete website/docs redesign, now downloadable as a separate package.
0.5.0 2004-05-01 Added TAP Dynamics (Mono & Stereo).
Ardour now supports drop-down lists in plugin GUIs, so there are no more long port labels.
Minor fixes, improvements, new screenshots ;-)
0.4.2 2004-03-03 TAP Deesser's Monitor control didn't work, apparently because my awesome out-of-range protection applied to that input didn't let anything but zero get through due to a typo in the source. Sigh.
0.4.1 2004-03-03 Added TAP Equalizer/BW, which is identical to TAP Equalizer but provides separate controls to set the bandwidth of each EQ band filter.
Fixed yet another crashing bug in TAP Reverberator (which appears to be introduced upon fixing the previous crashing bug).
0.4.0 2004-02-21 Added new plugins TAP Pitch Shifter, TAP Rotary Speaker and TAP Vibrato.
Fixed crashing bug in TAP Reverberator (the bug appeared with hosts that call activate() before connect_port()).
Fixed lock-up bug in TAP DeEsser (the bug appeared when an input sample had +/- INF value).
Various smaller bugfixes (almost every plugin locked up when control input values of +/- INF were appiled).
0.3.0 2004-02-04 Added new plugins TAP AutoPanner and TAP DeEsser.
Changed TAP Tremolo code to compute and store the cosine table only once on library loading, not for every instance.
Changes were made to the memory management of TAP Limiter.
0.2.0 2004-01-28 Added new plugin TAP Scaling Limiter.
Added Bode diagram to the TAP Equalizer manual.
Changed versioning from x.y-z to x.y.z to fit better in Debian, Gentoo and such distributions.
Moved project to SourceForge.net on 2004-01-29. Minor changes to HTML page. Changed name from TAP to TAP-plugins.
0.1-1 2004-01-25 Added RDF support in the form of an .rdf file describing the plugins. Hosts that obey RDF metadata should have less difficulties displaying plugin GUIs. (*)
0.1-0 2004-01-24 Initial release. Available plugins: TAP Equalizer, TAP Reverberator, TAP Stereo Echo and TAP Tremolo. (*)

(*) These versions are not available anymore.