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TAP Vibrato

[TAP Vibrato GUI as shown in Ardour]

This plugin modulates the pitch of its input signal with a low-frequency sinusoidal signal. It is useful for guitar and synth tracks, and it can also come handy if a strange effect is needed.

General information

Unique ID2148
I/O ports1 input / 1 output
CPU usage (44.1 kHz)4.1%
CPU usage (96 kHz)8.8%
Hard RT CapableYes
In-place operationSupported
run_adding() functionProvided

Usage tips

The "Frequency" control determines how fast the pitch is modulated up-down. Set the amount of pitch modulation via the "Depth" control. When trying to enhance synth or guitar tracks, use the "Depth" control sparingly: if you set it too high, you can easily get the sound of an old tape deck with a worn-out tape -- of course, that may be just what you want... With an even higher setting, you can get the feel of a strongly pulled-about vibrato bar of an electric guitar. Hint: create vibrato simulations with the power of Ardour automation editing.

At small depth settings (between 0.5% and 1.5%) and a frequency setting between 5 and 15 Hz, mixing the pitch-modulated signal with the original sound yields a chorus-like effect. The "Dry Level" and "Wet Level" controls exist to support this kind of setup. By default, the dry signal is muted, and the wet signal is output with 0 dB, so you won't need to touch these contols if you don't want to create such a mix.

Summary of user controls

namemin. valuedefault valuemax. value
Frequency [Hz] 0 0 30
Depth [%] 0 0 20
Dry Level [dB] -90 -90 20
Wet Level [dB] -90 0 20
latency latency time is 32 ms,
value depends on sample rate


Resampling is done using linear interpolation. Higher orders would probably yield somewhat better quality (at least in theory), but since no side-effects were heard (apart from the fact that this plugin is a side-effect in itself), that was considered to be a waste of CPU.