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TAP Reverb Editor
An interactive tool for room acoustics simulation
Latest version: Release 0

TAP Reverb Editor is the standalone JACK counterpart of the LADSPA plugin TAP Reverberator, which is part of the TAP-plugins LADSPA plugin set. This means that the two programs/plugins perform the same audio processing, but they have some advantages over each other:

Reverb Types created with this program can be easily 'exported' into the LADSPA version. (Easily means: you have to copy two files and re-compile TAP-plugins.) For a detailed description of this process, please refer to the manual.

To get satisfactory results with TAP Reverb Editor, you will need to set your system up to run JACK well. See http://jackaudio.org for details.

This program relies on The GIMP Toolkit (GTK+) version 2.0. You need the GTK+-2.0 development libraries correctly installed to be able to compile.