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Compiling and installing
TAP Reverb Editor

You need the following libraries to compile TAP Reverb Editor:

You also need to have:

If you have all these, just go on and type ./configure, then make. The configure script will complain if anything is missing. Note: when you install packages like JACK from source, always specify the correct prefix parameter to the package's configure script; this way you can be sure the package will be installed in the right location (the question is usually whether the local path should be used, eg. /usr/local vs. /usr).

After a clean make, type make install (as root) to install the executable. If you want to change the default place (which depends on your system, but is usually something like /usr/local/bin), please pass the appropriate --prefix option to ./configure.

IMPORTANT: TAP Reverb Editor writes to and reads from a file named .reverbed, which is always expected to be found in the home directory of the user who runs the program. TAP Reverb Editor comes with a default .reverbed file (located in the src/ subdirectory along with the source code), which you should manually copy to all those user's home directories who will want to use the program -- 'make install' does not do this for you! Don't forget to set the file permissions so that the user who will run the program has read and write permissions on his/her copy. Finally (if everything went fine) you can start the program by typing reverbed. You need an already running JACK server of course.